Evolved Instruction Using the Most Advanced Technology in Golf

The Legacy Golf Performance Center is proud to offer the most complete state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge techniques as not only a diagnostic tool but also as a swing training mechanism to achieve results in golf game improvement that would normally have taken many years to attain.


Most of these technologies are in use by the world’s finest touring professionals, but now are available to you right here. We use the world’s finest cutting-edge golf teaching and golf training technology in the industry: FORESIGHT GC QUAD, FLIGHTSCOPE, COACHNOW, BODITRAK, SAM PUTTLAB, TRACKMAN, Full Swing Golf Simulator, and KVEST 3D.

LEarn more about our tour-proven technology

The Legacy Golf Performance Center uses this technology as necessary to give you verifiable feedback in your golf lesson program. All of these cutting-edge technologies provide you with a “tour quality” training environment and accelerate your learning process…put simply – you get better, faster.

Why use Technology? It will give you a greater understanding of how your body moves throughout the golf swing, as you are able to view your golf swing in 3D and from 4 camera views with bio-feedback. Training with 3D animation enhances your learning experience. The visual and audio feedback enables the student to concentrate on their golf swing thoughts and changes while at the same time determining if they are in the right position and practicing the correct positions. Remember: “What the mind can conceive – the body can achieve”.

Who Uses this Technology? It is being used extensively by top PGA and LPGA touring professionals the world over. It is ideal for the club golfer wanting more out of a golf lesson, who is used to the typical band-aid approach and quick fixes that last only a short time. With the use of this technology, the latest training aids and our expert instruction, we guaranty that we will take your game to a new level of excellence.

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